Who doesn’t love an opportunity to warm up in a hot tub?

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Your hot tub can be an oasis, but if the wiring isn’t done properly it quickly turns into a major hazard. Our team at Young Electric knows the specific codes and procedures that need to be observed, ensuring that your tub is just as safe as it is relaxing.

What else should you know about hot tub installation?

Hot Tub Electrical FAQ

Do I Need an Electrical Inspection For My Hot Tub?

A. Yes! To be in compliance with Oregon state requirements, you do need to have your electrical inspected after the tub is installed and the wiring complete. When you work with Young Electric, however, we will take care of all those details for you.

Does My Hot Tub Need To Be Wired In, or Can I Just Plug It In?

A. In our opinion (and hot tub manufacturers tend to agree), wiring your hot tub directly delivers not only a safer system but also better overall tub performance. And trust us, you want that heater to work well when you go out for a wintertime soak!

Can I Wire My Hot Tub Myself?

A. Here in the U.S., your hot tub wiring must be completed by a certified electrician. This not only ensures your tub’s performance, but also your safety (water and electricity are not a combination to take lightly). We are familiar with the National Electric Code, the correctly-sized breakers to use, the wiring, conduits, disconnects, and more. Even if you are extremely handy, it is unsafe to tackle this kind of project yourself.

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