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We provide confidence in our safety processes and in our inspections of the work of others.


We designed our unique electrical safety checks with homeowners like you in mind. Whether you are purchasing a new property or have lived in your house for decades, it’s a smart idea to have your electrical system inspected. A safety hazard can be easily overlooked until it causes a problem, and we’d like to help you avoid the risk.

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Won’t a Home Inspector Catch Any Issues?

Think of it this way: if your car breaks down, you wouldn’t call a handyman, but would go right to a trusted mechanic.  General home inspectors may have a strong knowledge base to draw from, but when it comes to ensuring the safety of your home’s electrical system it’s best to call a qualified electrician.

Home Electrical System FAQ

We are asked a lot of fantastic questions during our home electrical system inspections. Here are a few of the most common, but we’d be happy to address yours specifically when we have the opportunity to serve you. 

Q: Is My Electrical Panel Safe?

A. This depends on the age, installation quality, and (in some cases) the brand. Since standards and technology are always evolving, and your panel is used 24/7, we recommend a replacement when it reaches 20 years old. We’d also add that if your panel is a Zinsco or Federal Pacific, it’s definitely time for a new one. 

Q: How Long Does It Take To Replace an Electrical Panel?

A. If the panel is the only element in your electrical system that’s being replaced, the job can typically be done in one day. If it involves both the meter and the panel, it can take up to two days. Don’t worry, though: we won’t leave you without power

Q: Can I Replace My Electrical Panel Myself?

A. Technically, yes. But remember, being an electrician requires years of training and specialized credentials. Not even an electrical engineer is allowed to install electrical, so is it something you really want to tackle yourself? 

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Your Electrician is trained to care for your electrical systems and encourage your questions & suggestions. An electrical project isn’t something you want to leave to amateurs. After all, the safety of your family and home may be at risk. The professionals at Young Electric will see to it that your electrical job is done properly, on time, and up to code.


We handle all things electrical in your home from whole-home surge protection to wiring for A/V system and everything in between.



In the middle of a kitchen remodel, or just replacing some electrical figures? We can help design and install the layout of lighting in your space.


EV Home Charging

Whether you just purchased a brand new Model Y, or you’re looking for faster more reliable home charging for your Bolt, we can help!


Hot Tub Wiring

We are experienced at installing and maintaining the electrical equipment for residential and commercial hot tubs and swimming pools



As members certified by the International Association of Electrical Inspections, you can trust that we provide quality work.

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