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Our team of licensed and insured electricians is ready to help with your electrical inspection. Whether you’re moving into a new home, remodeling, or checking an older home’s wiring, our thorough inspection process will catch any issues. 

When you work with Young Electric, we guarantee your safety and satisfaction. Contact us today to schedule your electrical inspection. We’re proud to serve Portland and surrounding areas like Beaverton and Lake Oswego.

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Electrical Inspector in Portland, Oregon

As a homeowner, you want peace of mind knowing your electrical system is safe and functional. We’ve designed our home electrical inspections to catch any potential issues, like bad wiring, outdated equipment, or broken parts. When you work with Young Electric, you’ll know your family and your house is safe.

Whether you are purchasing a new property or have lived in your house for decades, it’s good to know your electrical system is up to date. Sometimes safety hazards go unnoticed and can cause unexpected issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Home Electrical Inspections

When we do our inspections, we follow a thorough list that will catch any potential problems. Electrical panels are often the most complex part of the inspection.

Electrical Panels Inspection

Depending on the age, installation quality, and (in some cases) the brand, we may recommend an electrical panel update during your inspection. Since standards and technology are always evolving, and your panel is used 24/7, we recommend a replacement after at most 20 years. Any longer than that is a risk. You may lose power or worse. 

If your panel is a Zinsco or Federal Pacific brand, it’s definitely time for a new one. These brands have a reputation for major faults and damages.

If you need to install a new electrical panel, we’ll get it taken care of. If we’re only replacing the panel, it takes a day or less. If it involves both the meter and the panel, it can take up to two days. Don’t worry, though: we won’t leave you without power.

If you’re thinking about replacing your electrical panel as a DIY project, consider the risks. Our electricians go through years of training and specialized credentials. Not even an electrical engineer is allowed to install electrical, so is it something you really want to tackle yourself? We recommend having a professional installation for your safety and the safety of others.

Call us to learn more and schedule your installation.

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We’ve been serving the Portland area with electrical needs for over 20 years. We know you need reliable and safe electrical services that you can count on for years to come. 

We offer an industry-leading warranty on installations and labor so that you can get back to enjoying your electric vehicle with friends and family. Contact us today for all your electrical and wiring service needs. 


As members certified by the International Association of Electrical Inspections, you can trust that we provide quality work.

At Young Electric, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your family and your home safe with proper electrical systems.

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